Welcome to Shavers Creek Volunteer Fire Company


Donated Engine

Special Thanks to M.M.P.W. 

June 30, 2019 while responding to a multiple vehicle accident on Pine Grove Mountain our 1989 Pierce left us down. While going up the mountain about 1/2 mile before the accident the water pump (on the motor) failed, the engine (Rescue 11) and its crew never made it to the scene. We were contacted the week prior about a possible engine available for us to look at. Timing was unbelievable, by the 5th of July we had a "new" Engine to replace our Rescue. We are so GRATEFUL to M.M.P.W (Mercersburg Montgomery Fire Co) for donating this engine. THANK YOU!!!


2019 Fund Drive

Donations Needed

2019Fund Drive now underway.

If you can't Volunteer maybe help us in our fundraising, send a donation. If you don't receive a letter in the mail you can open it here. Please help us raise funds so we can continue to operate. This year we applied for and were denied, a federal grant to replace all of the turnout gear the firefighters wear and to replace our breathing apparatus. This safety equipment is all over 15 years old and needs to be replaced.  The cost of this equipment is $197,625.


Fundrive Letter

2019 Fund Drive Letter (pdf)


Quest for new station

Time to Update

We are still in the planning stages for a new fire  station. Our current station no longer meets the needs of the department, although it has served us well for many years our needs have changed. It is difficult to find apparatus that will fit in the doors, and we have very little storage room to keep and maintain our gear and equipment. The building needs some major upgrades that will cost more than what the structure is worth. The roof needs replaced, the foundation has no drain, and water seeps into the building causing mold and mildew issues. We have acquired a lot of property beside the current station and plan to build the new station there. Our goal is to start construction in 2021 our 75th anniversary.


Up Coming Events

You can find the full list on the Events page


Gun Raffle **UPDATE 5/27/2020**

12 Noon - 5pm

Community Building


Gun Raffle **UPDATE 5/27/2020**

At this time, we are evaluating whether we will be able to hold the Gun Raffle. It is unclear if Huntingdon County will be in Green status d...

12 Noon - 5pm

Community Building

Become a member

Help Needed

Shavers Creek Fire Company is always looking for new people. However you don’t have to be a “Firefighter” to help. There is a lot that goes into your community fire department. The fire department is a small business, so it has all the things that go with a business. We have garbage bills, phone bills, and a lot of administrative issues. We are always looking for “Firefighters” but also have many needs for other talents, such as Fire Police, financial administrators, and skilled trades. We apply for at least two grants a year, organize all our fundraiser's, and maintain our buildings; our members who may also be "Firefighters" do all of these tasks. We often refer to members as "Firefighters", however not everyone performs firefighting duties. Please stop in and get to know how you may help. Our meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30pm in the Shavers Creek fire hall. We will be glad to see you there. fundraising volunteer


Membership application

Membership Application (pdf)