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What does your donation pay for? Here is a quick look at some of our equipment and their costs.
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  2013 2012 2011
Fires 16 12 17
Rescue/MVA 10 14 18
Hazard Cond 1 2 3
Service Call 30 18 33
Good Intent 20 15 15
False Alarm 1 2 1
Severe Weather 0 0 1
Other 0 1 0
Total 78 64 88

Updated 1/15/2014


Shavers Creek Fire Company would like to say thanks to our community for all of their support, for without them we wouldn't be.

Shavers Creek Fire Company is located in Mooresville, PA at 5474 Charter Oak Road. We are an all volunteer fire company. If you would like to see something added to our site you can email the Web Master. All suggestions are welcome. Keep returning to see the latest in the Firefighting world here in our community. We will post the latest functions and provide links for more details.

Upcoming Events

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Our Newest Addition

Engine 11-1Engine 11-1

1986 Pierce Arrow 7 man cab, 8v92 Detroit Engine, 5-speed transmission, 2000 Gallon per minute Waterous pump, 1000 gallon tank, equipped for fire and rescue, Amkus spreader, cutter and ram.

This Unit (Engine-Rescue 11-1) replaced our 1966 International Bean. Set up as a Engine-Rescue, it will help to relieve some of the duties that our 1994 International (Engine 11-2) has been used for. Primary duties will be responce to rescue related calls, and a back up to our engine on fire related calls. This will give us greater flexability, and keep one piece of apperatus from loading all of the calls. This will help with the longevitiy of our units and thus reducing maintenance costs.

Our Quest For A New Station

As some of you know Shavers Creek fire station started as a two-story one-room schoolhouse. Over the years we have added to the existing structure and today it has many problems. Every rain we have water running through the meeting room and have had to repair the concrete pad the apparatus park on. We have applied for a federal grant for $1.4 Million. I know that sounds like allot of money for a small town, but its a federal grant and with that come a lot of regulations. The biggest factor to the cost is we are required to pay the contractor prevailing wage. This is a set dollar amount for different trades wages, it is also known as the Davis-Bacon Act.


Shavers Creek Fire Company is always looking for new people. However you don’t have to be a “Firefighter” to help. There is a lot that goes into your community fire department. The fire department is a small business, so it has all the things that go with a business. We have garbage bills, phone bills, and a lot of administrative issues. We are always looking for “Firefighters” but also have many needs for other talents, such as Fire Police, financial administrators, and skilled trades. We apply for at least two grants a year, organize all our fundraiser's, and maintain our buildings; our members who may also be "Firefighters" do all of these tasks. We often refer to members as "Firefighters", however not everyone performs firefighting duties. Please stop in and get to know how you may help. Our meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:30pm in the Shavers Creek fire hall. We will be glad to see you there.


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